Babble Chat Refugees

Do you chat on but can't get on because the site is having problems? You've come to the right place.

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Hello to all you refugees of babble's chat rooms.

Update Wednesday 17 March, 2010 10:45pm GMT/6:45pm EDT/3:45pm PDT

Babblesex is back up and running and here is the word from the site owner:

In 2008 we transferred our domain to our South African registrar. For some reason they used Godaddy to register it, as if they were just a proxy registrar. Now in 2010 the domain was expired, but was not auto-renewed as all our other domains at our South African registrar are. We didn't realize the domain was going to expire. So, the domain expired and Godaddy parked the domain. So we contacted our SA registrar, but of course their domains department doesn't work over the weekend. So we had to use Godaddy's excruciatingly slow (12-24 hours response times) help & support via email. Eventually we got the domain and renewed it so all is well.

So now we have almost had every major frustrating internet glitch happen to us.. but I'm sure there are a few more ones just waiting to add that extra zest into our lives!! Yayy!!"

So all appears normal. Thanks to everyone who kept us updated. If the chat rooms don't open for any reason, feel free to use the interface below.


In the absence of chat rooms at babble, you can use the temporary chat room interface here. The chat room is totally free and requires no registration.


You'll see that it first asks for a nickname.

NOTE: The site does not automatically distinguish between men and women with blue and pink like babble. Once you're inside there is a setting along the bottom to change the color of your user name and/or the text you send. Use that if you wish, to identify yourself as blue or pink.

If you wish, use your babble user name. There are many other non-babble users on the site, so it will help your friends to find you and say hello!

When you first enter, you'll be in the main room... but click on the "rooms" tab and look for rooms with familiar babble names. Click on the image below for details.

If a babble-themed room hasn't been created yet, go for it! It can be our new meeting place when babble is down. The best news is, they allow anyone to create new rooms... so if any of you want to re-create horny, the pink room, toys r us or your own favorite, please do.

Finally, please spread the word about this site to your fellow babblers. This page is a user-generated site... not an official babble thing. We're just doing our part to keep the community together. We welcome your comments and suggestions.

Thank you visiting!
This is an effort to find a temporary home for the hundreds of people who chat at babble on a regular basis. If the site goes down, stop by here. We're unofficial but we're scrappy. Tell your friends. Help keep babble's chat community alive!